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The Science Behind Our Wellness Programs


Movement Science Expertise:

Our programs are underpinned by the profound insights of kinesiology, a field dedicated to understanding how the body moves and functions optimally. This scientific foundation forms the bedrock upon which we've built our wellness offerings.


Our Science Based Solutions: At Master Wellness, one size doesn't fit all. Our Individualized Wellness Coaching is fully customizable, offering an extensive menu of options, including the general features of team and individual fitness challenges, one-on-one wellness coaching, stress management and burnout prevention workshops, and many other special features tailored to your group's needs. We meet you and the people you know where you are on your wellness journey, and help you maintain and improve your overall health and fitness.

Seamless Digital Delivery: To make wellness accessible and user-friendly, we deliver our programs through the "Team Buildr" App and online forms. This ensures that our clients can engage with wellness resources whenever and wherever they need them.


Master Wellness is the intersection of scientific rigor and personalization, where you and people you know are empowered to take control of your well-being, and where groups thrive through a culture of health. Join us on the path to a healthier, happier, and more productive culture.


Elevate your group's well-being with Master Wellness. Where science meets customization, transformation happens.

Science Meets Customization: Master Wellness

Welcome to Master Wellness, where the science of well-being takes center stage and customization is our mantra. Grounded in the principles of movement science, specifically kinesiology, our programs offer a client centered approach, with a comprehensive array of options that empower you and the ones closest to you to nurture a holistic wellness experience. Here's how we're transforming well-being:

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