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Welcome to Master Wellness, your trusted partner in providing an excellent wellness program experience through our social health and fitness app. Master Wellness was created by Shawn Master, who is a Registered Kinesiologist, and has a background of working as a job coach for people with disabilities, mentor for at risk youth, and a personal trainer, and fitness manager at Canada's most successful gym franchise. Most recently, Shawn has worked as a fitness program coordinator helping serve over nine-thousand seniors per week, and has also owned and operated his own Kinesiology fitness business, helping all ages and abilities including seniors, people with Dementia, Parkinson's, and people who have suffered strokes. Aside from his movement science background, Shawn has also achieved high levels of athletic performance in multiple sports, including being a national university team qualifier and achieving other feats of high level performance in running. Overall, Shawn's background has made Master Wellness into a dedicated company in providing a health and fitness experience accessible to all.

The Science Behind Our Wellness Programs

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