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Personalized Wellness Programs

Master Wellness is currently available on the 'Fit by Wix' app.

Work with a health professional to achieve your individual and group's wellness and team building goals!

Shawn Master, R.Kin.

Wellness: Programs & Coaching, Mindfulness Breaks & Recipes

  • Achieve your wellness goals with the help of our personalized wellness programs and coaching,

  •  General wellness programs included.

  • We focus on fitness, nutrition, habits, sleep, and stress goals and tracking.

  • Explore our library of general wellness programs, mindfulness breaks, and recipes updated weekly.

Groups & Content

  • Stay connected with people you know and post updates in your group.

  • Benefit from our general wellness content including wellness programs, mindfulness breaks, recipes, and all other things wellness that we post weekly on your group’s feed.

Team Challenges

  • Help you and your group stay engaged and motivated with our team challenges.

  • Track your team challenge experience through our weekly leaderboard posts on your group’s feed.

Workshops & Reports

  • Our hour-long workshops include:

    • Stress Management and Burnout Prevention

    • Time Management and Productivity Techniques

    • More workshops available upon request.

  • Reports:

    • We provide our clients with data driven reports based on their wellness goals upon request.

    • Reports show our clients their overall progress and prove the effectives of our wellness program platform.

Our solutions are geared towards your individual & group's needs. 

Unlike other fitness coaching, apps and watches, we provide personalized plans and feedback from a Registered Kinesiologist through an accessible app.




Manage Stress






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Build Community

Create a group with people you know, or join individually, and let us help create the best team building and wellness experience for you.


Let's Connect.

We'll be in touch!

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