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Bring Master Wellness to your Company

A Social Wellness App for You and Your Colleagues

Let us help create the best wellness program for your company:

At Master Wellness, we've developed a comprehensive approach to help tackle the problems of Employee burnout, high stress levels, and decreasing productivity. Our Corporate Wellness Programs include the following:


1. A range of optional and customizable services including wellness coaching for individuals, stress management and burnout prevention workshops, and team building exercises delivered through the Team Buildr App & Online Forms. All customizable options are listed below each plan, and are the same for each plan. All programs are tailor-made, except for the free trial demo wellness program. Also, each customizable option can be chosen by the employee or employer. However, based on the initial consultations, recommendations will be made by the Registered Kinesiologist.

2.  Wellness Programs include a meticulously personalized and curated wellness program exclusively crafted for employees by a Registered Kinesiologist.  The program will address the unique needs and goals of your workforce.

3. Unlimited ongoing guidance, support, and adjustments made to the employee's wellness program to help them progress is also included. Employee's will have access to their program through the Team Buildr App. for one year after their payment period has ended. However, no further guidance, support, and adjustments will be made unless they resume a payment option.

By promoting a holistic sense of wellbeing, we empower and motivate your employees to perform at their best.


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  • Demo Wellness Program


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Access to your Wellness Program for one year after your payment period ends. Unlimited feedback, guidance, and adjustments to the program during the payment period.

Includes listed customizable options. Programs delivered through the Team Buildr App & Online Forms.

Customizable Options:

Individualized Wellness Coaching 

  • Virtual Ergonomic and Musculoskeletal Assessment

  • Fitness Coaching

  • Habits Coaching

  • Nutrition, Stress, and Sleep Tracking

  • Return to Work Program Development

  • Job Coaching

  • Improvement Reports

Stress Management and Burnout Prevention Workshops 

  • Workshop with Practical Strategies & Goal Setting

  • Track Ongoing Progress of Practical Strategies & Goals

  • 50 Ways to Manage Stress and Prevent Burnout

Team Building Exercises

  • Team Fitness Tracking Activity

  • Running Group

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