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Solutions For You and Your Colleagues

Gather your co-workers and complete one of our team challenges, or complete an individual challenge on your own. We provide a platform for with special features for colleagues to stay engaged and motivated not only at work, but also outside of the office. We also help employees maintain and improve their health and fitness with our wellness programs, coaching, and also stress management and burnout prevention workshops.

Special Features For You & Your Colleagues

Leaderboards: For Team Challenges

Social Platform: Make Posts and Stay Connected with Colleagues

50 Ways to Manage Stress and Prevent Burnout PDF

Habits Coaching 

Ergonomic and Musculoskeletal Assessment

Sync Your Favorite Wearables

Weekly Performance Assessment Reports

General Features Tailored For You & Your Colleagues

Pick your favorite activity, and we'll do the rest. Try either a team challenge with your colleagues and become more engaged, or try an individual challenge to meet one of your own personal and/or professional goals.

We help employees make wellness a priority both at and outside of their workplace. Our wellness programs and coaching provide a personalized plan to help individuals achieve their health and wellness goals; whether it be professional, and/or personal goals.

Feeling stressed in your daily life, work, or in other situations? Help manage, and relieve your stress and prevent burnout with our stress management and burnout prevention workshops. This workshop helps employees set the pillars towards maintaining and improving their stress management goals.

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